What people say about Smith & Wollensky

Press 30 Nov 2015

“The portions here are large with American swagger.”

In & Around Covent Garden, 01/09/15

“It’s elegant, refined and you can picture Londoners in 1920s refinery dining there post-theatre”

 “The menu focuses around USDA Prime Beef which is dry-aged for 24 days and fresh seafood. To start we went for the platter of seafood. A veritable feast appeared, the biggest shrimp (or to us Londoners, prawns) I have ever seen they were huge; fresh crab, lobster, oysters and scallops, we had to rein it back to make sure we could still eat the steaks we had coming.”

Emily Gray, The Handbook, 03/09/15

“It’s clear to see what the hype is all about when it comes to Smith & Wollensky and it’s about time that Londoners had the chance to tuck in. The American dream? It’s not far off.”

Mark Kebble, The Resident, 04/09/15

“Smith & Wollensky take no shortcuts when it comes to beef. With a dry-ageing room and butchery on-site, their steaks are selected from the top 2% of beef in the US and are dry-aged for no less that 24 days to intensify flavour and increase tenderness, providing one of the best steaks we’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting”

“For mains, steak lovers be prepared to rejoice. The 24oz Cajun marinated bone-in rib steak was as much delicious as it was a true feat to finish. The 8oz premium filet mignon served gorgonzola-crusted, meanwhile, was a much less daunting dish and served rare (as it should be) was a truly melt-in-the-mouth experience.”

Luisa Orlandi, SheerLuxe.com, 07/08/15

“Whatever you go for it’s likely to be a hit. Londoner’s get ready to tuck into Smith & Wollensky – this new kid in town will give the rest a run for their money”.

Farah Yaqub, It’s Rude To Stare, 10/08/15

“In the restaurant itself there has been some serious investment and the quality of the finish and design reflects this”.

“Go there is you want to enjoy large portions of tender meat that’s packed full of flavour”.

Amira Hashish, The Evening Standard, 10/08/15

“With an art deco, high end feel, Smith & Wollensky has to be added to your list of must visits if you like yourself a bit of meat”.

“…the USDA Prime is dry-aged for no less that 28 days to intensify flavour and increase tenderness for the very best steaks in London”

Andrew Hughes, WJLondon.com, 14/08/15

You get what you pay for and we reckoned it was damn well worth it.”

Vicky Huntley, London Visitors Magazine, 25/08/15

“I’d go back in a heartbeat, for that burger alone”

Time Out, 3rd July, Richard Ehrlich

“The US institution has opened  its first steakhouse outside of its home country, and – predictable – it’s on another level”.

“The steaks, which are the size of War & Peace, are certified USDA prime, sourced from just two farms in the US Midwest and aged onsite for 28 days.”

“This is meat eating of the highest order; book your table immediately.”

The Shortlist, 09/07/15

“The meat is good, really great quality and a punchy flavour, it tasted like no other steak we’ve had before, seasoned perfectly and cooked just as we asked (medium rare). “

The warm service led us out of the door and back onto The Strand like a hug goodbye.”

Saffron Powell, We Love Food, 13/07/15

“The evening was a complete success and we left feeling happy and full. Smith & Wollesnky is a great piece of the USA just off the Strand”.

Mr Hagan, 23/07/15

“Go big or go home – enormous USDA steaks take centre-stage, but there’s some great seafood to be had, too. We enjoyed the jumbo lump crabmeat to start, and moved on to a 12oz fillet mignon (served Oscar-style with crab, asparagus and hollandaise sauce) and a 21 (twenty-one) oz NY cut bone-in-sirloin. If you’re going to attempt the Gigantic Chocolate Cake, bring eight friends.”

Foodism Weekly, 29/07/15