Smith & Wollensky – Pride, Passion and History

News 01 Jul 2015
A Steak Story

Smith & Wollensky is a boutique group of individual steak restaurants, which have reached near iconic status as the premier steakhouse dining destination of choice in their American homeland.

Famed for celebrating the different characters and flavour preferences of each of the cities in which they operate, Smith & Wollensky have skilfully created an environment which offers a sensational core menu, a stunning variety of regional enhancements and local specialities.

Each Smith & Wollensky restaurant creates superb food, in stylish venues with an unpretentious atmosphere. Thus creating a destination of choice for many, including local celebrities, political figures and even a few movie stars across America.

Smith & Wollensky have brought this pride, passion and panache to London. Offering the quintessential American steakhouse experience but coupled with local flavour and flair, for this food savvy, cosmopolitan European capital city.

Our Pride and Passion

Smith & Wollensky is, at its heart, a premier quality steakhouse. Choosing steak cuts from the top 2% of all beef in America designated by the USDA as “Prime”, they are then dry-aged for up to 28 day and butchered on site. This creates a steak of superior tenderness and flavour.

To add to the best steak in London, we also pride ourselves with premium quality seafood, wonderful signature cocktails and award-winning wines.

Ambitious Beginnings

Renowned restaurateur, Alan Stillman, founded the first Smith & Wollensky steakhouse in New York in 1977 with a simple yet ambitious goal. In an era where global cuisine was increasing in popularity, Stillman wanted to recreate a classic American steakhouse as a stylish destination of choice for city workers. Offering simple elegant food with attentive service, in a refined setting, without being pretentious, Smith & Wollensky offered the best of the uniquely American steakhouse experience and then made it more desirable again.

In 1997, Ruth Reichl, the premier restaurant reviewer of her time for the New York Times, called Smith & Wollensky “A steakhouse to end all arguments.”

Who were Smith & Wollensky?

Alan Stillman created the name by randomly selecting two last names from people in the city’s phone book. When the restaurant launched, legend has it that the invitations were sent from one “Charlie Smith” and “Ralph Wollensky.” Charlie and Ralph were the names of Stillman’s dogs.