Thanksgiving: A Taste of Home

News & Events 07 Oct 2016

Whether you’re after a taste of Americana, or an ex-pat looking for a slice of home, Smith & Wollensky London is definitely the place to go to enjoy all the trappings of this festive occasion. Whilst this is still very much a US tradition, in recent years Thanksgiving has started to seep into the British consciousness, becoming as much part of the social calendar as events like St Patricks Day and Halloween’s Trick or Treat.

Anyone with even an ounce of American blood in their veins will appreciate how important a feast the Thanksgiving Festival is in the US. For those who need a little enlightenment, it is the day in which our trans-Atlantic cousins celebrate the first successful harvest of the early American Pilgrims.

At Smith and Wollensky we are proud to welcome homesick expats and curious Londoners alike to indulge in our fabulous and traditional Thanksgiving Feast. You will be able to enjoy our succulent herb roast turkey with cranberry sauce, stuffing, potatoes and a wide variety of vegetables; and Thanksgiving would not be Thanksgiving if we didn’t finish up with one of the best pumpkin pies in London!

Our Chief Engineer of Cocktail and Cheer, Ernest Reid has also developed three delicious Thanksgiving cocktails to tantalise your taste buds these include the Pecan Infused Old Fashioned, The Big Apple of My Rye and the Pumpkin Pie.

So why not book a table or view our Thanksgiving Menu? Smith & Wollensky, the best place for Thanksgiving in London.

Our Thanksgiving menu is available November 24-25, 2016