The Ultimate Smith & Wollensky Steak Box!

News & Events 31 May 2020

Presenting the ultimate Smith & Wollensky Steak Box in collaboration with our partners Knock Knock by Smith & Brock

Choose from the mouth-watering 28 day dry-aged, grass-fed, Irish Tomahawk or our legendary USDA Prime Sirloin steak in our special Smith & Wollensky box!

The team at Smith & Brock provides fresh fruits and vegetables to the best hotels and Michelin star restaurants in London. Needless to say, that the quality of their products is exceptional. They are now on a mission to give everybody at-home access to the best seasonal fruits, vegetables and groceries that London’s chefs are accustomed to having access to. This is how Knock Knock by Smith & Brock started.

At Smith & Wollensky we’ve always been about quality, our new S&W Steak Boxes are no exception. We wanted to give you access to our premium, hand-butchered steaks as well as high-quality vegetables from UK farms. Now you will be able to recreate an authentic S&W steak at home.

Every S&W box comes with full cooking instructions from our Executive Chef Tom, with his top tips and tricks to cook the perfect S&W steak. To make the most out of the vegetables included in your box check out his video online.

What will you get?

Choose from a pack of 2 x USDA Prime Sirloin steaks (Approximate weight 500g per pack) or a single Irish grass-fed Tomahawk steak (Approximate weight 900g-1.2kg) and Knock Knock will include some of their great quality vegetables including asparagus, new season garlic, cauliflower, tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, potatoes, baby spinach, parsley & lemon.

You can add additional steaks should you plan to get together for a socially distanced barbeque.