Valentine’s gifts – the weirdest and the best!

Events 01 Feb 2016
bouquet of flowers

With only 13 days to go, finding that special Valentines present can send some of us into a tailspin! This time-old tradition really does give us the opportunity to show our other half just how much we love and appreciate them.

If you’re one of the many who like to splash out or even find a gift that’s slightly unusual here are some weird and wonderful ideas to surprise your sweetheart!

Weird and Wonderful?

Flowers with a difference

Picture the scene…..A dozen red roses, beautifully arranged, hand-tied with a red ribbon, with a message declaring your undying love for yours truly…..Think again when you order from the Dirty Rotten Flowers company! Have you been dumped just before Valentine’s? Maybe your sweetheart has run off with your best friend or maybe you and your partner just have a great sense of humour! Whatever the reason these bouquets will certainly make an impact!

Winter Warmers

If you just can’t bear to be apart even when you’re walking together why not buy, or even knit your own to make it more personal, lover’s mitten. These heart shaped mittens are big enough for two hands and are the perfect solution to holding hands on a cold winter’s day.

Jewellery with a difference!

If you’re a bit squeamish this next idea may not be one for you! Australian jeweller and designer Polly van der Glas has created a unique market where you she makes unique pieces of jewellery with the main centre piece being pieces of your body! Old teeth, strands of hair, finger nails… I think you get the picture! How about a ring made with one of your wisdom teeth or even a necklace fashioned from strands of your hair? This gift idea is certainly not for the faint-hearted!

Saving the best and nicest to last!

Love is in the air….

Who doesn’t like to be taken out for a lovely romantic meal? This year at Smith & Wollensky we have a sumptuous Valentine’s menu which is guaranteed to set both of your hearts racing! Champagne, caviar, smoked salmon and steak…need we say anymore! For more information visit our menu’s page or you can book a table by following the link.

Say it with Diamond’s

It may seem old fashioned but no matter how old you are or if you’re male or female, who can refuse a diamond encrusted piece of jewellery. From cuff-links to engagement rings, from watches to necklaces you can certainly spoil your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day! For more inspiration why not take a look at what Tiffany & Co has to offer for 2016.

Message in a bottle

If you’re more of a DIY enthusiast this last idea may appeal to your romantic side. What could be more romantic than receiving a love letter or poem written especially for you from your Valentine? Once you have your message written down, roll up your paper and tie it up with a beautiful red ribbon. Next place it in a bottle along with some paper heart confetti and seal it with a cork. This simple but romantic gesture is sure to set the apple of your eye’s heart a fluttering.

We wish you all a very happy and romantic Valentine’s Day!

champagne and candles